Meet Author Melinda Mitchell

Pandemic hair growing out!

You can make anything by writing.

~C.S. Lewis

Melinda is a science fiction and fantasy author in Seattle. She is delighted to announce that her first novel, NEXT OF KIN will debut with Mad Raptor Productions in 2021! NEXT OF KIN is a sci-fi retelling of the biblical story of Ruth, in which a widowed ex-soldier travels across the galaxy with her mother-in-law.

Ami hoped to leave war behind, but war had a way of finding her. After a harrowing journey across the galaxy with her mother-in-law, the widowed former soldier hopes to start a new life. However, ghosts of the past are never far behind.

In addition, Melinda's first short story SPACE FORCE CHAPLAIN will debut in TALES FROM THE SPACE FORCE by B Cubed Press in 2021.

Melinda writes adult space adventures and young adult science fiction and fantasy. She can't wait until NEXT OF KIN and SPACE FORCE CHAPLAIN are in print!